Following report compiled by Lee


One of my Suppliers at work casually asked if I would like to ride in one of the team at the TDY.  I snapped his hand off and was lucky to get an extra seat for Ally.

The day started with entry to the VIP area at Barnsley where with enjoyed mixing with Barnsley VIPs....just Dickie Bird and the local Mayor.  As time passed the Riders started to sign on and we had a good opportunity to take photo's and drool over top end bikes.

Soon it was time to meet our driver for the day and we joined the second car of the Canyon Eisberg Team.   The previous day Harry Tanfield had won the stage so the team were on a high and expected to cover moves.

The car was driven my Simon Holt, ex pro, and included a team Mechanic.  Lee the mechanic warned us that it can get a bit hairy, but Simon is an excellent driver.  He wasn't kidding.  Driving through lanes bumper to bumper, dodging spectators, horns blaring, race radio, riders millimeters from our car.....brilliant!

The roll out was fantastic and it was amazing to see and hear so many spectators.  According to the team the spectators really lift the riders.

Shortly after starting Harry Tanfield had a mechanical and was dropped by the peloton.  A gap of 1m 45 s opened and the car tried to pace him back.  It was great to hear the race radio and the team talking to the riders.

As we passed through Kilnhurst  (a club run regular road) Alex Paton was hit by an oncoming car! For a few moments he laid on the ground and we all feared the worse.  His bike was in at least two pieces, but amazingly he only had minor injuries.  

Alex got in our car and to his credit was very chatty and added to our day.  At the feed zone Alex hobbled to another team vehicle and we continued with the race.  By this time Harry Tanfield was back with the main group and we continued to drive through the tight lanes of the Dales.

In the last 10km there was one major climb and a summit finish to come!  As the first climb came the peloton was slimmed down and a select group made their was up the Cow and Calf in Ilkley.  Our car turn off before the final climb and were dropped off in the team coach area.

We thanked our hosts and reflected on a fantastic day with a couple of pints in Ilkley.  What a day, absolutely brilliant!