At the back end of last year I signed up to be a British Cycling Trainee Commissaire.

Lee Wild's story so far.....

One cold Winters day I took a look at "get involved" in section on the British Cycling Web Site and the role of Commissaire caught my eye.  For some time now I've wanted to get more involved in Cycling and this seemed like a great opportunity.

The role of Commissaire is split by cycling discipline and I opted for Road Racing.  I was initially interested in Cross, but it's not always practical to Race and be a Commissaire in the same area.

The starting point in the pathway is "trainee" and the top of the pyramid is a UCI qualified.

As a trainee you complete an online course and a day in a classroom.  You then spend a season assisting a Regional Commissiare in local events.  Once you have assisted at 6-8 races, and meet the required level, you are signed off as a Regional Commissaire.

After a couple of years at Regional level you can then train to be a National Commissaire and work on larger races across the UK.

The main role of a Commissaire is to ensure safety and fair play at races.  This covers anything from course risk assessment, through to fining or disqualifying riders who break the rules. 

Today I took part in the Yorkshire Region Commissaire Workshop.  There was a real mix of people at today's event, from National level Comms to beginners, and ranging in age from early 20's through to late 70's.  The one think they all had was a love of cycling and an eagerness to promote cycling and cycle racing.

My first goal is to learn the "official" rules of cycling and hopefully become a Regional Commissaire in Yorkshire.