Sunday Ride 10th December: Due to cold weather and Xmas parties already started the attendance was limited and only the brave attended the ride. Well done Sean and Pete.n

Sunday Ride 17th December: Again due to the poor weather only 3 senior riders (Mick, Pete & John) turned up for the Sunday Ride. After a short discussion plus announcement that it was NOT a club ride we decided to head out towards Edwinstow, we were soon taking a detour of the lanes and keeping to the main roads. We all rode well together and decided to stop at the cafe at Carburton, excellent stop and great service. We proceeded through Clumber Park and via Worksop back to Harworth. Excellent ride of approx 58 miles although very wet on completion.

 Sunday 24th December: For Xmas eve 15 riders met at the pavillion. After Pete and Andy had completed their Xmas wishes to each other we decided to ride to Edwinstow since Andy was not doing a complete ride. We set off but were soon stopped since Andy Pedleys chain snapped and it need a repair, after 10 minutes we were back in the saddle and heading for Edwinstow via Firbeck. The weather was excellent for December and Andy turned off (joined by Mel) as arranged and we continued towards Edwinstow. The craft cafe was closed so we went to the Sherwood Forest visiitors centre, service was good and we were soon back on bikes going through Clumber Park. All rode well - but Mick was outstanding and won rider of the week with a excellent performance.

Wednesday 27th December: It was a cold , windy and slightly snowy day for the Xmas ride, but nine riders turned up to ensure we had a Xmas ride to remember. As usual Pete arranged the ride and the buffet at the end, it was a success against last year outing since we all returned in one piece. It was decided that we do the Tom Simpson memorial route and thus we headed towards Ranskhill and then took a left turn to Drakeholes, we were all freezing but all rode well together especially along the Trent where the wind was very strong.As we approached Epworth we all ready for a coffee break but Pete's planning was not good - they were all closed, We looked around the new bike shop in Epworth which was good before we set off again towards our buffet in Bawtry. We had a slight delay on the return journey with Dave haviing a puncture. Now with the wind behind us we arrived at the pub slightly early, where we enjoyed pizza and chips and a few pints that was arranged by Pete. Although cold it was a excellent ride.

 31st December:  For the last ride of 2017 nine riders met at the pavillion and after a short discussion about the strong winds and the possible cafe openings we decided to ride to Bolsover (Weatherspoons is always open). We set off against the wind, this was hard work but Dave made sure we had plenty of breaks having 2 punctures. It was nice to see that Santa Claus had brought some mudguards for some of the riders. The route was quite hilly as well as very windy - but all rode well to Bolsover. We had a excellent stop at Weatherspoons and then set off back home with the wind behind us. When we stopped at a junction Alan handed out some Xmas cake, this was not sufficient to get rider of the week since Mick Wainwright was flying again and received the title again (its time he let some young riders win).  We all wished each other happy new year before seperating for home.. excellent 60 mile ride.

Next ride will be 2018 Sunday 7th January - meet at normal venue for 8:30am start.