Club Rides 2016

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xmas ride 2

28th December : Excellent attendance for the Xmas ride, 17 riders came out on this cold and icy Wednesday (see picture below at the start – all wrapped up in preparation)

xmas ride 2

Pete arranged the Xmas ride as usual and he stated that we were going on the power station route and calling at Stables at Misterton for a quick coffee and then for a buffet lunch at Cooper & Griffin in Bawtry. We all set off together but due to the weather we took our time and kept to the main roads into Retford. At Retford we turned towards Ordsall and Eaton and proceeded up the hill at Upton. The roads did not seem that bad so we progressed through Church Laneham (see photo below in front of lake).

xmas ride 1

On the back lanes towards Cottam we realised that the roads were getting worse and we took it even steadier. Unfortunately the icy roads won and Dave hit the deck shortly followed by Brian and Mel, Dave had a severe cut to his forehead above his left eye. After several minutes he stated he was ok and we set off again being extra careful, we decided to skip the cafe stop and progress striaght to Bawtry. As we went up Strawberry hill we released that the road surface was not good so several riders decided to walk down the other side, we were back on our bikes when we thought it was safe again. We spoke too soon since going through Clayworth (canal bridge) Steve Parker and Pete came off, Steve went down hard and was really hurting. As we approached Misterton Andy , Steve and Steve Brown decided to turn towards home (accompaning Steve back since in pain). The remaining riders turned towards Everton and then the main road towards Bawtry, we finally made it to the pub and enjoyed an excellent buffet with a few pints to wash it down. Obviously the ride was quite eventful and we must learn from this for future icy days out. Update for all – although 5 riders came off, Steve and Dave who were injured worst are surviving and although resting their injuries they will be fine.

18th December: Ten riders attended the HDCC last ride before Xmas. A decision was made to go to Whisby Nature Reserve near Lincoln, a fairly flat ride with main quite roads. We all rode well together with no punctures or incidents. We sat inside at the cafe for a change and discussed the Xmas ride to be organised by Pete. The ride will be on Wednesday 28th December meeting at the pavillion at the usual time of 8am. We returned from Whisby at a slightly faster pace which meant that the overall average was 17.3mph for the 66miles rode. The rider of the week was very close and Andy decided on joint winners Lewis Morgan and Alan Bullock.

11th December: Nine riders met at the pavillion and a joint decision was made to go to Edwinstow. We set off in the excellent December sunshine, as we went down the lane between Styruup and Firbeck we saw three young riders coming towards us, we were mistaken when they got closer it was Mick, John and Bryan. We stopped for a short chat before going our seperate ways, they were going to the Stables at Misson. An fast ride to the cafe with a short stop for a puncture on route. We made a detour to the visitors centre since a group of cyclist went into the craft center cafe just before us, cafe was very good. We then went via clumber park and Worksop back home. Many riders qualified for rider of the week so we called it a draw.

4th December: A cool day as we met at the pavillion, no sign of Andy so John selected Askern as the route since this would take us towards old Harworth and a possible chance to meet up with Andy. Within a couple of minutes we saw Andy passing the lights at Asda and he joined us on the route to Askern. We all rode together with a few short stops for chains and saddle bags. We were all taking it steady down the Spotborough hill but the frost or diesel on the decent corner took down the captain Andy, who hit the tarmac with a thump. He said he was ok and we continued on towards Askern. With the sun now shining we sat outside and enjoyed the cafe break. We set off back towards home with Pete riding well in front (still in shorts in December) he was also helping Andy since the fall was starting to take effect. We stopped in Bawtry and Andy announced that Pete was the rider of the week (below is photo taken by Dave at Bawtry – Andy still in pain).

Askern 4.12.16

27th November: Ten riders and one hung over drunk arrived at the pavillion for the Sunday ride. We decided to go to Bolsover and attempt the castle hill for the last time this year. We all rode well together with no punctures or mishaps and were soon at the bottom of the castle hill. We all rode up to the top without getting off (easier for some with triple ring set on front). A excellent cafe stop in the Wetherspoons pub and then back on the road again. Excellent ride 66 miles and 16mph average. Andy reminded all that AGM is 7pm on Thursday 1st December in the pavillion.

20th November: High winds and heavy rain – no ride.

13th November: Twelve riders met on rememberence Sunday and as usual we rode to Blyton and attended the cenotaph service. All rode well and it was nice to see Mick  Wainwright and John Walker with the club again. As we sped up towards the cafe, Andy Kerr with the leading bunch rode passed the cafe and we did not see him again (his car was not at the pavillion when we returned so he was ok). We need to ensure we have the latest riders numbers so that we can call them. Good ride averging 17mph.

6th November: With autumn now in full swing ten riders set off from the pavillion on route for Epworth, we knew that the rain was going to hit us so we planned to amended the ride to suit the weather. We rode towards Wroot via Finingley,sharing the front by chain ganging. Soon the heavy rain and wind soon took over and we detoured via Epworth to Rosie’s cafe. All rode well together and we clocked a respectable 50 miles at an average of 17mph.

30th October: Twelve riders met at the meeting point and we decided to go via the powerstation route / Church Laneham to Tuxford. It was a lovely day for this time of year (nearly November already), we all rode well together and chatted to each other as we rode. As we went through Rampton we were thinking of calling at the usual cafe stop at Edwinstow, but we had a change of plan (John’s suggestion), as we turned a corner in Fledborough we saw a small sign fo a cafe.We decided to call and visit and we were not dissappointed a excellent stop for future rides (cafe called “Manor Cottage Tea Room” 01777 228531.). We had our photo took outside the cafe (see below) and then headed back for home via Tuxford, Mark had a puncture in Eaton, one is not bad at all after last week. Completed approx 65 miles at an average 0f 17.4mph. Please note Pete Lees has arranged spin classes to start again at Bircotes sport centre at 6:45pm on Thursday’s.


23rd October: Twelve rides met at the pavillion and decided to ride to the Whitley Bridge cafe near Askern. We all rode well together and we had plenty of breaks on this ride due to a record number of punctures (six punctures on 4 seperate bikes). This indicates that we need to have a long look at our tyres and confirm if they are ok for the long winter rides ahead. It was a nice cafe stop were we discussed the two different routes for the South of France ride in July 2017  i.e Coach or Plane ( no decision made, seperate meeting required). Many riders qualified for the rider of the week and therefore they were jointly awarded.

Whitley Bridge

16th October: Nine riders met at the pavillion and discussed the weather since we were due for a downpour at 9am, we decided to stay close and head for Tyemar. As planned the rain started at 9am and we decided to cut the ride even shorter and headed for Broomwagon Cafe in Retford. While we sat there we discussed dates for the club AGM and the Xmas Do at Blue Bell in Ranskill, two dates were agreed AGM – 1st Dec and Xmas Do – 16th Dec. We then rode back home in the pouring rain The ride was that short I even had to peel the potatoes for Sunday dinner when I got in.

9th October: A chilly morning as we met at the pavillion, eight riders were in attendance. With Andy not available we chose Messingham for the ride. We set off and soon we were chain ganging to enable all to take a turn on the front. We all rode well together especially Pete who was assisting riders who were new to chain ganging process. We were soon at Messingham with an average of 18.5mph, we had a excellent breakfast (ate inside). We set off striaght away into the chain ganging routine again, setting a excellent pace through the woods and out towards Gainsborough. Mel had a puncture near the Blyton junction and Pete stopped and assisted, we all awaited the repair and then we were off chain ganging again. We stopped at the top of Gringley hill to announce the rider of the week which just had to be Pete for his team spirit and assistance to other riders. Excellent ride of 64 miles and an average of 18.6 mph overall.

2nd October – The HDCC Sunday ride was to Hollingwood lock via the castle hill at Bolsover. Well done to the eight riders who attended.

30th Sept – 2nd October – Dales weekend away. Andy arranged this weekend for the club at a cost of £60 per person. It was attended by Andy Rodgers , Steve Parker, Pete Lees , John Owens, Alan Bullock & Mark (see picture below) , a excellent weekend was enjoyed by all and we agreed to put this in the calendar for next year, possibly early September (maximum attendance is 14).

  • Day 1 Friday 30th Sept – Pete & John were the last to arrive at approx 17:15, we quickly got ready and were out on our bikes for 17:45. The route schedule was the famous highest pub at Tan Hill (nice first pint), although only a short ride of approx 30 miles we had 2000 ft of climbing mostly in the dark  (see picture below).
  • Day 2 Saturday 1st October – After an excellent evening meal at the local pub and a good nights kip we were up at 7:45am for a good breakfast (porridge & bacon sarnies). We discussed the night before the route that we would take Grinton, Leyburn, Middleham, Grassington (coffee stop), Kidstones, Asgarth (falls), Hawes and the famous ButterTubs climb then Muker and final back to the pub. A total of 78 miles with 5600ft of climbing, a tough day but the scenary was perfect. We went on several climbs that were 20% and 25% in gradient.
  • Day 3 Sunday 2nd October – This was a fairly steady ride to Richmond for a coffee a short 23 miles with only 1200ft of climbing.

See a selection of Alan’s picture below. Please note Alan not on many since always in front, well done Alan rider of the weekend.

Dales 14

Dales 8Dales 13

Dales 6

Dales 2

25th Sept: Again thirteen riders were out for Pete’s favorite ride – Blyton. A short ride and relatively flat which always means a faster pace. We all rode well together and were at the cafe nearly before it opened (10:30am) averaging 18.5mph, we sat outside to soak up the remains of summer. An excellent ride had by all, we all decided to give the rider of the week to Pete Lees since we did not have his usual banter with him being on holiday in Turkey. Next week six riders will be riding in North Yorkshire (Andy, Steve, John, Pete, Alan  plus Alan’s mate). A Sunday ride will still take place the route being selected by attendees on the morning.

18th September: Thirteen riders met at the pavillion, we decided to ride to Tattershall nature reserve. We all rode together stopping for a few mechanicals on the way. It was a lovely ride in the September sun and we arrived at the cafe at 11am, as usual the service was very slow (but cheap). We set off back by the sceanic route (Pleasley vale mills), this turned out to be an excellent ride and all riders were equal and Andy could not pick a rider of the week. Total 76 miles of pure pleasure.

11th September: After last weeks ride to the peak district we decided to have a flat route to Whisby nature reserve. Eleven riders set off at a steady pace , all staying together and riding well. We arrived at the cafe at 10:30am and were surprised at the pace we had actually been going (average over 17mph). We set off from the cafe at a faster pace and soon were passing Dunham bridge and heading towards East Drayton. The sun started to shine and we raced back home finishing off with an average of over 18.5 mph. Well done Steve Hilbert who was rider of the week.

4th September: We decided to have a special ride to the “Peak District”, 15 riders turned up at the pavillion, the sprint riders Dave & Sean decided to peel off after about 1 hour. The pace was kept to a steady speed, since we all new that we had a few hills to climb. Most of us remembered the route from previous years also this was where we viewed the tour de France. We were soon hitting the hills at Outbridge and then the long painful one at High Bradfield. All was quite when we climbed this one except for panting and Pete still talking about Himalyas. We stopped at the cafe at Haversage and although raining we sat outside and enjoyed the break. We climbed a hill striaght after the cafe stop, this was a steady climb, but after the butty it took some doing. We all road well together on this very hard up hill ride of over 5000ft and approx 90 miles. It was difficult to pick a rider of the week even after discussing over 2 pints at King William. Well done everyone.

28th August: 14 riders met at the pavillion and after a short discussion we decided to go to Askern lake cafe.  We all set off at a fairly moderate pace. As we approached Wadworth Andy shouted to all to take the main road to the Alverley, Pete stated that the track is ok and we should take this route. We accepted Pete’s route and went down the track, what a mistake, after repairing several punctures we were back on the road again. We all rode together and were soon pulling into the cafe at Askern. At the cafe we discussed two club issues, kit ordering and the weekend away at end of September. We then accelerated on the journey home, but all stayed together. Rider of the week was given to young Tristian. Good ride – 60 miles we a 17 mile average.

21st August: 16 riders met at the pavillion, we decided to select Southwell as the Sunday ride. Andy (captain) stated at the start that he was not feeling 100% but he would be ok. We set off altogether towards Southwell via Ranskill, Eaton, Upton and Tuxford. We were soon at the cafe, we sat outside enjoying the excellent weather (see pictures below). We all rode together for the ride home, Andy was struggling but Pete looked after the captain and ensured other riders waited at junctions. Excellent ride -70 miles completed.

 Southwell 21.8 Southwell homeward boundCafe Southwell

14th August: 15 riders met at the pavillion, nice to see a few new faces and possible new members. We all rode well together towards Bolsover for some early training for the trip to France next year. Some thought we were stopping at Bolsover for the cafe stop, but we continued onwards to the cafe on the roundabout at Edwinstow (completing 45 miles before a break). We had a pleasant break and then set off towards Ollerton for the route back. Steve Parker hit a pot hole and had to repair a puncture whilst Pete demonstrated how to go round a roundabout several times (un sure of way home). We all cycled well together and ended up completing 75 miles. Please let me know if you are interested in Manchester 100 on 4th September (email sent with details)..

Humber 8th August 2016

7th August: Annual ride to Humber bridge, fourteen riders ventured out. We set off with the wind behind us at a cracking pace knowing that we would be fighting against the wind on the return journey. We all rode together and we arrived at the bridge (averaged 18.5mph) , above is the usual photo on the bridge of the riders. We had a cafe stop at the bird sanctury cafe and it was excellent sat outside soaking up the sun and sheltered from the wind. We set off back home against the wind, Keith was not in top form so we supported him and rode at his pace. We decided to stop at Epworth for a short stop at local shop. We then pushed for home and had a short chat at Bawtry. A lovely ride of 104 miles.

31st July: Ten riders turned out for the HDCC ride, we decided to go Elsecar and test our legs on some climbing. We all rode together at a steady pace since Leanne had not been out with club for a while. We had a few incidents on this ride, as we entered the Rotherham area we came across several pot holes, John hit one of the pot holes and resulted in a puncture.  The second incident was Phil caught the back of Andy’s bike and decided to hit the grass verge rather than take both riders out. We then all rode together and were soon at the cafe, Leanne decided to ring her husband to collect her rather than ride back. Therefore nine riders climbed the hills back home, we stopped outside King William at Oldcotes and had a short chat were Andy named the rider of the week as Jason and Mel and reminded everyone that next week is the Humber bridge ride (starting at 8am from pavillion)

24th july: A lovely summers day again for the HDCC Sunday ride. Eleven riders met and a decision was made for a nice flat ride to Messingham, to make it slightly different we did it in reverse direction to normal. We set off all together at a cracking pace and as we approached Laughton wood we put the hammer down further. We were soon at the cafe at Messingham, John and Pete were proving that if you go out on Saturday night and have a skin full it does effect your performance. We had a short break and were soon at the iron bridge and turning for the journey home. We again rode a fast pace and decided to chain gang towards Finningley. We re-grouped at Bawtry and decided to have a couple of pints in the pavillion. Average speed for the ride was slightly above 18mph. Rider of the week was Phil Harrison. Please note that the club meeting is on Thursday 28th July in the Blue Bell Ranskill.

17th July: Ten riders met at the pavillion and decided to have a steady flatish ride to Edwinstow. We set off all together, as we approached Firbeck it was passed down the peleton that the captain had a change of plan and we should get some hill training in so we changed our directions to Bolsover. We all kept together and were looking forward to the Weatherspoon cafe stop in Bolsover until Andy took a detour up castle hill. It was a hard slog up the hill, Phil run out of steam and had to have a short stop before achieving the climb. The stop was excellent and we discussed the next club meeting which we agreed the Thursday 28th July. We then got back on our bikes and rode back to Harworth dropping off Steve Parker and Andy on route. A different route loved by all – 70 miles, 2427 ft of climbing and an average of 16mph.


10th July: Twelve riders met at the pavillion at the slightly earlier time of 8am. They set off on time and rode down the main A631 to Gainsborough picking up John in Everton, with the wind behind us we made a good pace towards Blyton where we turned right towards Caistor. The whole team rode together and were soon at the cafe in Caistor were we had coffee and excellent cakes whilst we watched the Caistor 10K runners go past. We all agreed that we must make this a Sunday ride in the future. We set off from Caistor and soon were progressing quickly into Cleethorpes were we pulled in at the usual stop and admirred the beach view. We gathered the team together and had our picture taken at the sea front (see below).

20160710_171641 20160710_115911

All of the team (except Pete who fancied a nice pot of tea at a cafe) rode along the promenade to north end, we returned to pick up Pete and headed to the south end for something to eat. We split up into two groups at this point, fish and chip lovers and the healthy eaters (Andy , Pete and John) who had a pint and a meal at the pub. We set off back all together and rode well against the slight wind. We progressed well and the rain kept away. We were soon passing Uncle Henrys cafe without stopping and progressed to Blyton cafe were we sat outside in the sun with an ice cream or a coke (again Pete preferred a cup of tea with Mick). As we reached Gainsborough we decided to go up the main road to Drakeholes and detour to the Bluebell at Ranskill for a celebration pint. Andy raised is glass to the couple who were joint riders of the week (not Mick and Pete) , the award went to the other couple Keith and Mandy (well deserve since they have not been out for a while). This was an excellent ride with the weather acceptablefor the English summer..


3rd July: Eight riders met at pavillion and jointly decided to ride to Hollingwood lock. Excellent ride and a first for Pete who had not done this ride previously. Stop at the cafe at the lock was excellent. We completed a spell of chain ganging and all stayed together.

26th June: Alot of riders on holiday or busy with other rides so the turn out was reduced to Pete and Phil. They rang Mick to add a further ride and rode to Edwinstow. Pete managed to hit the kerb and came off and landed in a thorn bush. He stated he should of gone to hospital but managed to complete the ride.

19th June: The club ride was to Doncaster to watch some of the town centre cycle racing – it was the weekend of the Doncaster Cycle Festival.  We headed out over Gringley on the Hill, down the side of the Trent to Derrythorpe, we turned left at Derrythorpe and headed to Beltoft, Belton, Sandtoft, Hatfield and then straight on into Doncaster. We had a nice cafe stop right next to the race circuit. On the way back we headed out on the main road from Doncaster towards Balby where we turned right and took the back way into Wadworth, down Wilsic Lane to Tickhill and then headed home. Average speed was 17.8mph.

12th June: Eleven riders met at the pavillion, Bob stated he had a route that we could do to Pontefract which he had done in the week. We all agreed and off we went, the route started off ok via Tickhill and the back lane to Wadworth. On the lane we discussed the speed of a car with the driver who came round a corner far too fast, no one was hurt so the discussion was short. The route then took us through the town past the train station and over the bridge past the Doncaster prison eventually arriving at the main roundabout, we told Bob that their were roadworks on the M62 and we may have to make a detour (joke). The route then took us wia Bentley and Askern road to Pontefract. We found a cafe in Pontefract and had a quick coffee and bite to eat (picture below outside cafe), before watching the display of some stunt mountain bike riders. We set off back via the normal Askern route in reverse going through Hooton Pagnal and Conisborough. All rode well and stayed together, rider of the week was given to Pete who gave us his usual speech. Excellent ride overall and Doncaster was not that busy on a Sunday. Distance 75 miles and an average of 17mph approx.


5th June: Twelve riders met at the pavillion and Andy stated that we will go to Ollerton cafe, making a route up on the way. As we set off it was slightly cool but very soon the sun came out and we reaching for the sun cream. As usual we set off at a fast pace and arrived at the cafe with an 18.5 mph average. Andy stated that we would go back via Ollerton and Walesby back to Gamston. We all thought we had set off together but at Gamston we quickly did a number check and realised that Alan was not with us. We tried to contact him but no answer so we proceeded to make our way home. An excellent ride although we lost Alan.

29th May: Thirteen riders met at the pavillion and Andy confirmed that the ride would be to Messingham. We set off at a silly fast pace and started chain ganging along the route. It was not long before we were at the cafe at Messingham with a  outward ride average of 19.2 mph. After an excellent cafe stop we set off again and the pace was even faster than on the outward journey. With a second spell of chain ganging it was’nt long before Andy was adding loops onto the journey (home via Misson) and arriving at Bawtry. The final average speed was 19.8mph for 75 miles. The cyclist of the week was awarded to Bob Clapperton, well done Bob. Bob also gave us an excellent tip, if taking your bike on holiday remember to take the wheels (he forgot his recently).

22nd May: With the Majorca lads back (all with a good sun tan), Bob sugested watching Jack on the Bolsover hill climb. Twelve riders attended see picture below (top of Bolsover castle hill), although the route was fairly hilly we still achieved over 17 mph average for the journey. We all enjoyed a good breakfast in the Weatherspoon pub and the pleasant weather. Jack did well and achieved 7TH position overall , well done Jack.

Bolsover HDCC ride

15th May : With the veteran’s still in Majorca, a decision was made to watch the Lincoln GP. Seven riders rode to Lincoln via Gainsborough , Stow and Saxilby. The riders watched the end of the women’s race and the start of the men’s race before returning via the off-road route. Again the weather was perfect.

8th May: With the veteran riders out in Majorca Andy decided that the Sunday ride would be to Blyton (Pete’s favorite) . Eight riders set off on a lovely summers day, all rode well and were soon sat outside at Blyton in the sun. A swift ride back at a fast pace.

1st May: Quite a few riders watching the final stage of Tour of Yorkshire or on holiday, therefore we only had eight riders. John selected the power station route in reverse i.e Retford, Upton, East Drayton, Church Laneham then via the power stations and calling at Rosie’s cafe, we then went via Haxey, Misson and then home. It was a cool day but we set off at a cracking pace and chain ganging most of the route. We arrived at Rosie’s with the pace still strong and an average of 18.4 mph, after a short break we were back in the saddle and kept up the pace. Excellent ride, we stopped at “The Bawtry” and had a short chat stating that six riders will be at Majorca for the following two weeks. Hope weather improves for the Sunday rides at home as forcast.

24th April: Steve emailed that todays ride would be fairly short due t0 having a meeting at the end to discuss France 2017 and tour of Yorkshire ride next week. We all met at the pavillion as usual (excellent turn out again – 16 riders) and a decision was made to ride to Beltoft taking in the stables cafe in Misterton. All rode well together and due to the wind we decided to chain gang along the quieter roads. The cafe at Misterton was slower than usual and it took a while before we all served. Brian who had not been out for a while struggled on the return, but he always digs in and makes it back. When we returned back we had a pint and discussed the trip to France in 2017, Brian confirmed details that will be emailed to all in near future . Basic information for now is approx cost £750 each (flight out 9th July and returning 15th July), to secure your place you need to pay £200 deposit to Brian prior to 17th July 2016. Information on tour of Yorkshire will be emailed by Steve during the week.

17th April: Excellent attendance and well done to all for supporting Dom at “Bridgegate Cycles”.  We all met in plenty of time at “The Broom Wagon cafe” after a short chat we gathered at the start and were one of tt back at the ppoave first groups away. We progressed together towards the first checkpoint at Gringley on the hill, as we left Gringley we got split due to the traffic on the dual carriageway. We joined together at the Headon the second checkpoint although young Jack accelerated at an excellent pace and we did not see him again, well done Jack good ride (Pete did say that when he was Jack’s age he was very fast also). We rode as a club for the remainder of the ride going through check points at Sutton on trent, Kirton and finally finishing at Retford. An excellent ride with some fierce climbs, a must for the calendar next year. Below is a photo from the finish (20 riders – wow What a club!)

Amstel ride

10th April: Twelve riders met on this fine spring day, Andy choose the lakside cafe at Askern. Next weeks ride will be the Amstel ride form Retford .  More info to be added.

3rd April: Excellent attendance 14 riders turned out for the club run. Andy decided that the ride would be to Whisby nature reserve an excellent route for this spring day. Initially it was quite chilly, but soon warmed up, all riders kept together and helped each other through junctions etc. Dave rode on ahead at “strawberry hill ” and took a video of us all ( this will be posted on the website later). We were soon at the Whisby cafe sitting on the balcony in the glorious sun (see picture below). After the cafe break we set off back home at a fairly rapid pace, averaging more than 17.5 mile / hour for the whole ride and covering 69 miles. Well done to all . Please note we have the Bridgegate cycle ride in two weeks (17th April), more info will be posted on the web site soon.

Whisby ride

27th March: Eight riders met at Mick’s garage all in good time for the planned 8:30am start (we all remembered to add an hour on also). We all new that this was going to be a hard ride, very hilly and windy with possible rain. We all set off together and rode well together to Matlock Bath, this was excellent route (thanks Andy). We sat outside the cafe “Charles”, picture below – excellent choice. As we set off back John was struggling and dropped back from the main group, he struggled on and the rest of the team waited at junctions and top of 4 mile long hills for him. We finally returned back to Mick’s before the rain started completing 72 miles in the saddle, a few of the riders celebrated with a pint at the pub. It was a hard ride but very enjoyable. Well done to Steve who again got cyclist of the week.

Matlock Bath 27.3.16

20th March: Again nine riders turned up for the Sunday ride. Andy confirmed that we would be riding to Elsecar (Pete reminded us all of the route when we took a wrong turn at Warmsworth – Thanks Pete). We all rode together with no incidents and were soon at the Elsecar heritage centre, the usual cafe was closed so we rode to the other cafe at the rear of the centre. This was a right sun trap and it was excellent sat there on this spring day. We set off back and it was hard work climbing the hills, just as we thought we were finished with the hills Andy made a detour round the block to climb “bib lane”. We all rode well together, great ride, Andy gave the rider of the week to Steve Parker (well deserved). Please note next weeks ride will be in the peaks. We will be meeting at Mick’s at 8:30am (don’t forget to alter clocks).

13th March: Nine riders met at the pavilion and chose to ride to Edwinstow with a slight twist by riding via Bolsover. John returned to the Sunday rides recovered from his operation. As we set off Andy was still obviously suffering from a virus, he rode through the aches and pains as far as he could but eventually turned for home. It was a pleasant day like spring, this made the ride very enjoyable. After forty miles of riding we finally arrived at the craft centre cafe, as usually this was excellent swift service at a good price.  At the cafe we discussed the cheshire cat sportive and a decision was made to book for four riders – Pete, Mick, Colin and John. The club then set off via clumber park towards home, Phil was suffering and decided also to turn for home. The rest of the club rode via Barnby Moor / Mattersey to drop John off before riding back to Harworth. John was also given rider of the week.

6th  March: A select group of five riders met up and as there were no Club Officials Pete Lees nominated himself as Guest Club Captain.  After a brief discussion we (Pete) decided Blyton would be a good ride.  It was a clear, dry and fresh day and we set a strong pace out towards Blyton.  In a break with tradition Pete Lee’s lead from the front and and spent most of the ride setting the pace.  Pete called several Chain Gangs and we all rode as one group.  After a brief Cafe stop, filled with stories of Pete’s rides in in Mallorca, we headed back.  Highlights on the way home include Mick and Pete dueling up Gringley and Pete coming through to take the Mattersey sprint.  All rode well and no rider of the week was nominated, but special mention to Pete for keeping us together as a group. Please log in via Bridgegate cycles website to enter for the Amstel sportive, this ride is 17th April.

28th February: Excellent day if a slight chill saw a massive attendance for the annual Tom Simpson memorial ride. At least a dozen riders from HDCC rode, well done to all those who took part. Below is a photo of some of the riders before the start, Ali & John who both could not ride came to support and see the riders off. Steve and Andy decided to attend the “Big Red Ride” instead. Pleas note CLUB MEETING on Tuesday 1st March.

Tom Simpson 28.2.16

21st February: Only 4 riders ventured out on this rainy Sunday. Stayed on local roads and stopped in the Oldcoates cafe for a large “man sandwich”. Well done to the four who made the effort. Please note CLUB MEETING is scheduled for 7pm Tuesday 1st March.  Also note that the Tom Simpson ride will take place next week on 28th February 2016, enroll is 9:30 am with a 10am start.

14th February: Ten riders turned up on Valentines day. It was a cold start with a slight wind to fight against, with Andy being the romantic and taking is wife away, John confirmed that the ride would be to Messingham. We set off all together towards Finningley and then we realised that Phil was not keeping up after his road accident. We waited for Phil but as he tagged on to the pack Pete’s chain slipped and Phil took a tumble. All was ok and we progressed to the cafe. With the wind behind us we increased speed and were soon on the home striaght. Please note that the Tom Simpson ride will take place on 28th February 2016, enroll is 9:30 am with a 10am start.

7th February: Eleven riders met at the usual time of 8:30am and Andy confirmed that we were going to Southwell, this is a hilly ride. As we set off the wind was very strong and made it hard work towards Southwell, we arrived at the cafe all in one piece. As we ate the well deserved breakfast, we congratulated Mick on his birthday and the cafe waitress brought out a small piece of cake with candles. Happy Birthday – Mick Wainwright. We then set off back towards home with the wind behind us. A excellent ride especially the return journey.

31st January: Eight riders turned out and Andy stated at the start that he was feeling 100% (man flu) and may not do the whole ride. Also rain was forecast, so we decided to do the short ride to Tyemar. All was well at first and we all set off together. Then after about 15 miles Andy was feeling the strain and decided to turn towards home. Steve Parker decided to ride with Andy back to Langold to ensure all was well, Pete stated he wouldn’t of lasted two minutes in the Himalyas. The rest of the riders continued to Tyemar and enjoyed the excellent breakfast. We set off back home and escaped the heavy down pours.

24th January: Excellent weather today for the club run. We met at the pavillion as usual at 8:30am, first of all we congratulated Jack Rowland on his first of many race wins, well done Jack. Due to excellent weather Andy decided to venture out to NewMillerdam cafe, an excellent ride although slightly hilly. All went well and we rode together with no incidents. After several hills we approached the lake and had a nice cafe stop. We set off back via Hooten Pagnel and Conisborough, the hill going out of Conisborough was a good test for the tired legs. When we stopped at Tickhill Andy stated that all had rode well especially him. Please note the special rides on the calendar in the above attachment.

17th January: The weather was a bit colder today and some riders must of looked out of the window, seen the white stuff and pulled the quilt back over them. Therefore the numbers were lower and only 7 riders ventured out and enjoyed the scenic run to Blyton. We all rode well together, but as we were approaching the village of Upton, Andy got a punture. We all stopped, but Andy insisted that we carry on towards the cafe and he would catch up. Pete stayed with Andy while the rest of us went to cafe and placed the order for the food. We set off back towards Harworth all riding together, as we approached Misterton Andy stated that Pete was the rider of the week, he must of really helped Andy with his tyre.

10th January: Excellent turn out for the 2nd ride of 2016, sixteen riders set off against the wind towards Whisby Nature reserve. To share the work against the wind we chain ganged most of the route and we soon arrived at the cafe. We all sat down to a breakfast feast while Andy repaired a slow puncture. We set off back and the wind was still swirling so we still had some work on the return journey. All rode well especially Phil & Ali who had not been out for several weeks, they were thus awarded the joint cyclist of the week. Lets keep up this excellent attendance.

3rd January 2016.. First ride of 2016 had twelve riders for the wet and slightly windy ride to Edwinstow craft centre cafe. We met at the usual time of 8:30am wishing each other an happy new year. We all new that the rain was going to soak us as we set off, we reached the cafe at Edwinstow just as the slight rain started. Again excellent service at the cafe, as we open the door to set off on the return journey we saw the heavy rain lashing against the road. We put on our rain coats and rode via clumber park and Worksop back to Harworth, we were all totally soaked but enjoyed the first ride of 2016. Lets keep up the attendance and improve on last years attendance figures..












21st December – Ten riders started off from the pavillion heading for the lake side cafe at Askern. It was soon evident that the Captain “Andy Rodgers” was not 100% and he decided to divert at Hooton Pagnall and head for home. The remaining nine continued to Askern where Robin , Dave and a new recruit went striaght back. The remaining six riders went into the cafe where Mick told is heart attack story again!. After the cafe break we started the journey against the wind back to Harworth via Stainforth and Rossington. Pete was the rider of the day since with his chest infection he stated he should of been in hospital.

Sunday 14th December – Seven riders struggled against the wind to Messingham. Man sandwiches were required at the cafe stop to enable us to succeed against the wind on the home journey. Well done to Greg for achieving the journey after very few rides this year.

Sunday 7th December – Six Riders braved the wind and rain to Edwinstow, although on a short distance of 55 miles it seemed longer.

Sunday 30th November – Twelve members enjoyed the ride and the excellent weather and HDCC raised over £70 for the Peter Hinchcliffe charity ride. The route was fairly flatish but the slight wind made it hard work. A beer and the refreshments on the return to the Tickhill cricket ground went down well .

Sunday 23rd November – Slight rain made for a fairly short ride to Epworth via Wroot. Stopped at a cafe in Epworth centre, nice cafe a must for the shorter wet rides in the future.

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