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Cleethorpes 27.9.15

Sunday_rides- 12th June

27th December: Fifteen riders were out for the Xmas ride (last one for 2015), we had a few new riders and some riders who had not been out for a while. As usual the Xmas ride was organised by Pete who choose the power station route calling in at the stables at Misterton for a quick coffee and then continueing via Misson to Bawtry. We stopped at the public house “The Bawtry” (previously Granby Inn), we enjoyed a few Xmas beers and some excellent sandwiches before completing the ride home. Excellent ride at a steady pace – see you all again on 3rd January for first ride of 2016. Happy new year to you all.

20th December: Six riders met at the pavillion for the Sunday pre-xmas ride. Andy gave us a few options and we opted for the Hollingwood lock cafe ride. As we set off it was like riding in spring with the sun shinning, Lee even had shorts on for the ride. The ride although it was only 65 miles was hard due to the hills and slight breeze. Excellent ride and lovely cafe stop at the side of the canal. Please note that next weeks ride is the xmas ride (start time usual 8:30am), some riders who have not attended for a while are making an appearance i.e Mel & Mark.

13th December:  11 riders out for the Sunday ride to Edwinstow craft centre cafe. We need to improve on the club rides and try and stay together and not loose riders. The ride was still enjoyed by all riders.

6th December: Eight riders enjoyed the ride to Askern. It was hard work against the wind on the Hatfield to Bawtry road past the prison on the way back.

29th November: The weather forecast was totally wrong, seven riders met and discussed a short ride at first. We decided to ride out to Tuxford and see how bad it got. The weather was ok so we added loops into the ride and stopped at Tyemar cafe. All rode well and it turned out to be a pleasent ride.

22nd November: Seven riders met on a frozen morning, it was that cold even Pete found his long lycra. We decided to have a run out to the new Giant shop at Doddington Hall. We rode at a steady pace mainly because Pete’s bike would not select the big ring and therefore he was fast spinning for the entire ride. The route was very similar to the Whisby route with a few alterations. We arrived at the Giant store and we asked if they could repair Pete’s bike, they said it was totally knackered (maybe they were on about Pete). We had a nice break and returned via usual Eagle route home. Phil was under the weather and struggled back home, Mick was in excellent form and was given rider of the week.

15th November: Nine riders met at the pavillion and we all thought that the ride would be very windy and we would get soaked. We decided to ride against the wind and set off towards Edwinstow. We pushed on against the wind with Alan and Steve Brown taking most of the front work. We reached the cafe at “craft centre” and had an excellent break, we voted this cafe the best that we visit. We then set off on the return journey and realised that the weather was not as bad as first thought. It turned out to be an excellent ride and Andy gave the rider of the week to Steve and Alan.

8th November: A strong attendance by the club for the Peter Hinchcliffe charity ride, 4 riders met at the pavillion as normal and rode to Tickhill to meet up with the other riders from the club. The faster / stronger riders were destined to race for a good time and rode with the main pack (Matt, Dave and Matt Farmer). The remaining riders could of rode together as a club but split at the start. The rain started to pour as we approached Ranskill as forecast, John did not come prepared for this and decided to call off at home for a waterproof and meet up with the club again at Gringley, this did not happen since John was quicker than he thought and ended up in front (he should of rung at Gringley – yellow card issued). All the club completed the ride although not together. The main outcome was the ride was for charity and excellent attendance and money raised.

1st November: Nine riders met on a foggy morning and after a brief discussion 3 riders went to Retford to compete on the Gringley hill climb and the remaining 6 riders set off to Blyton. Andy reminded certain riders that lights are required on days when the visability is poor. We set off at a good pace and although the weather was not ideal we stayed off the main roads and enjoyed a excellent ride. Steve went through the kit ordering at the cafe and stressed that the order must be placed soon. Please note that next weeks ride is the charity ride from Tickhill, please meet at the cricket ground at 9am.

Pete Hinchliffe Memorial Ride, First Riders off 9.30 am – Donations to Cry


25th October: Low attendance due to holidays and Mick and Colin did the Rut sportive on Saturday. Anyway five riders met at the pavillion and decided to do the power station run in reverse calling at Tyemar cafe. Dave Clarke decided to put in an extra hour of training before meeting us (forgot to alter the clocks). The ride went well and we all rode together , we enjoyed the cafe stop and sat outside for probably the last time this year. We put a short loop on the return journey via Welham / Clayworth. Please note next week is the Retford Hill climb at Gringley.

18th October: Eleven riders met at the pavillion and rode to the lake cafe at Askern. All rode well and the weather was ok for mid October, riders are now starting to wear long kit rather than the shorts. We still sat outside at the cafe and we cheered in the Worksop wheeliers when they arrived. Next Saturday (24th October) Mick and Colin are doing “The Rut”, please contact Mick if you fancy doing this sportive, the rest of the club will do a normal Sunday ride as usual.

11th October: Nine riders met at he pavillion and decided to ride to Blyton. We set off at a silly pace and soon arrived at Blyton with an average of 19 mph. We had a well deserved break and then continued at a reduced speed back home. The rider of the week was Mick Wainwright, pending a drug test (he was flying).

4th October: Ten riders met at the pavillion and Andy gave us options for the ride, we selected Southwell (cafe stop at icecream parlour). It seemed like xmas with a couple of riders with new bikes Andy Rodgers and Phil Harrison. We set off towards Retford with little wind and clear blue skies, although Andy said it was to be a steady ride we set off at a rapid pace and it was’nt long before we were arriving at the cafe. A lovely stop at the icecream parlour were we sat outside and soaked up the sunshine. After the breakfast stop we climbed back on our bikes and proceeded back to Harworth via Tuxford. A pleasant ride enjoyed by all.

27th September: Eight riders set off for the annual Cleethorpes ride. The initial weather called for some lights since it was very foggy, but as the sun shone it burnt through and it turned out to be an excellent day. We had a couple of concerns that delayed the ride, first of all Andy had a punture which ended up being a split tyre. We were still near Beckingham so Tracy (John’s wife) came to the rescue with a replacement tyre. We then continued towards Blyton and Pete swallowed a large fly which made him choke and we had to stop for him to have a drink and clear is throat. Right that was the crap out of the way and we now enjoyed an excellent day, stopping first at the libary cafe in Caistor where Pete came out with his usual chat up lines i.e divorce as come through etc. We then continued in the lovely sunshine arriving at Cleethorpes at approx 12:30pm. We rode along the promenade to the far end of Cleethorpes and then rode back to a pub where we sat outside in the sun and had a cool pint and a sandwich, except for Pete and Mick who had the full carvery. We set of back home still in full sunshine, all went well until Pete started to fade and he struggled to continue. We reminded him about the Himalayas and he had to find extra strength to make it back. Below are a couple of photo’s from the Cleethorpes sea front.

Cleethorpe 27.9.15

20th Sept: Seven riders met for the ride to Edwinstow, good ride all together at a fair pace. We stpped at the Craft centre cafe and the weather was desent enough to sit outside. The route back was via clumber park and Worksop. Please note next weeks ride is Cleethorpes were we will meet at the pavilion at the earlier time of 8am.

13th Sept: Excellent weekend away, we set off at 2:30pm on Saturday 12th September and arrived at the hotel at approx 5pm. The hotel was first class allowing us to store our bikes in a room in reception. We had a few beers at the bar and then changed for evening 3 course meal with a couple of bottles of red wine. We then had a steady walk to some nearby pubs and had a few more beers. On Sunday we had a early breakfast at 6:30am and then we were on our bikes for 7am cycling the short 1 mile to the start line. The weather  was ideal for a sportive little wind and dry , even the sun broke through. We soon got into a fast pace with the captain at the front, it was’nt long before we caught up to the Worksop wheelers. We rode with Worksop wheelers for a while until Andy had a puncture, we re-grouped at the half way school stop (averaging over 18mph). We set off again all together and progressed to the 75 mile stop, we did not have a very long break here before we were back on the road. We continued towards the finish with all five of us crossing the line together in a time under 6 hours. After a few photo’s we rode to the hotel for a shower and changed for the journey home. We stopped on the way home for a pint to celebrate this excellent sportive and superb ride.

Manchester 100 with Worksop HDCC Manchester 100

6th Sept: Ten riders met at the start and we decided to cycle to Messingham. Slightly cool as we set off, De to several sessions of chain ganging we set a  cracking pace, averaging 19.1 mph as we pulled into the stop at the cafe. As we setoff on the return journey Mark had a broken spoke which we repaired with the assistance of Colin’s elastic bands. We continued again at a fair pace due to only a slight wind, we all rode together but rider of the week was Steve Parker who led for most of the distance home. Please note next week 13th September is the Manchester 100 sportive club ride.

30th August: A flatish ride to Blyton for the six riders who attended the Bank holiday weekend ride. Lovely weather with a pint at the Blue Bell at Ranskill before the ride home. Mick Wainwright easily took the rider of the week.

23rd August: Although this ride was very difficult with the hills , it turned out to be one of the best rides this year. Eleven riders set off in glorious  sunshine via Retford route to 5 lane ends. We then travelled through clumber park towards Carburten and then Bolsover, we climbed the castle hill which although a shortage climb it is 15% gradient, it would be so easy to say sod this and walk especially for those who only add 39 / 25 gearing. We then continued via Stavely to Hollingwood lock, excellent cafe with a superb location at the side of the canal. We asked Andy if it was hilly on the way back, what a mistake he detoured to every hill in the area. We arrived back at OLdcoates and enjoyed a pint in the beer garden before going our seperate routes home. Well done Andy , excellent route and one to do again.

16th August: A lovely ride to Whisby nature reserve, nine riders enjoyed the excellent ride via Dunham bridge. We confirmed the following for your diaries – Time trial presentation night 25th August, next club meeting 10th September, Manchester 100 13th Septemeber, Tickhill Velo 20th September and Cleethorpes 27th September.

9th August : Excellent conditions brought out 12 riders. We headed out for power station route but as the weather just got better Andy kept adding the loops and we ended up going through Tuxford and stopping at the roundabout cafe in Ollerton. We then proceeded through Clumber Park and then via Worksop back home. Mick Wainwright was awarded the rider of the week although Pete did not agree and thought he was a contender. Excellent ride on a lovely day.

2nd August: A pleasant day for a Sunday ride for a change, nine riders set off for Messingham. A excellent ride had by all with a period of chain ganging to change the routine. We stopped at the Messingham cafe and then continued to Gainsborough and up Gringley hill on the way back to Harworth. We discussed the next sportive, Manchester 100 on the 13th September. Steve will send out an email asking for person’s interested in a stop over on Saturday night.

26th July: The annual Humber bridge was the Sunday ride, we met at the slightly earlier time of 8am. We all rode together and it started off as a very pleasant day. Alan Bullock had a slight accident when he clipped the wheel in front, after a bit of first aid and adjustment to his wheel we were off again. We met Sara and Matt on route and then continue up the main hill of the ride at South Cave. We progressed to the Humber bridge see picture below.

Humber 2

We crossed the bridge and stopped at the nature reserve cafe for a welcome break. As we set off the forcast rain started to pour and it poured and poured. We steadily made our way back home soaking wet but really enjoyed the day. Thanks to the Worksop lads for supporting us in this event.

19th July: A wet and windy ride to Stables cafe at Misterton via Belton , Epworth and WEst Stockwith. The cafe was a welcome site after the pouring rain and wind, at the cafe we discussed the excellent weather we will have on the 26th July for the Humber bridge ride. Please note early start next week – 8am.

12th July: Twelve riders set off inthe rain towards the cafe stop at Askern Lake, after an hour we able to take off our rain coats since the sun began to shine. An excellent ride was had by all and Andy sugeested a ride soon to Humber bridge and also Cleethorpes. See Andy’s twitter for club ride picture at cafe.

5th July: Some past riders came out of the woodwork for the Sunday ride, Andy wished Mark Annable and Leanne a happy new year. Due to Mark and Leanne not attending for a while we kept within easy reach of home. Andy took us via Strawberry hill through to East Drayton and then via Upton to Tyemar cafe. After the cafe stop Pete being the gentlemen volunteered to take Leanne and Mark back via the shorter Retford route while Andy lead the remaining eight riders via Clumber Park to Carburto, he added a few loops on the route back Harworth. We eventually did a 68 mile ride which was a fairly fast second half pace, yet another great Sunday ride.

28th June: Nine riders met at the pavillion to head out to watch the Lincoln Cycle race, it seemed like late October weather as we set off in high winds and heavy rain. Progressing on our usual Blyton route we stopped at the village hall in Upton for a bacon sandwich and watch the ladies race zoom passed. Our plan was to proceed to Corringham and watch the mens race at the junction, but as we rode through Springthorpe the locals had a barbeque started and all the monies went to the church, we therefore stopped and watched the mens race from this point. This was an ideal point to stop and watch due to the tight bends, Russell Downing was in the leading pack at this point. This was excellent day even if we got slightly wet.

21st June: A slightly different route this week selected by the club secertary Steve Parker. Eight riders set off (quite a few club members on holiday this week) towards Bolsover via Firbeck, Thorpe Salvin. The selected route was quite hilly and the wind was against on the way out. We stopped at Clumber Park for cafe stop but the “race for life event” made the cafe very packed therefore the burger van was used. The sun shone as we laid on the grass watching the 10k charity ride, we then headed back home via Retford. This is a ride to add to our list since a testing 60 miles.

14th June: Last weeks ride must of scared everyone away since only six riders were out this week. Rain was forecast so Andy selected Edwinstow for the Sunday ride. A pleasant ride with us all riding together, excellent stop at the “craft centre” before heading back to Harworth in the slight rain. Please note it was mentioned that we have a ride to Scarborough in near future and stay over, Steve will be sending out email when we confirm date.

7th June: Excellent attendance for this difficult ride in the hills, although a slight breeze the weather was lovely. We set off earlier than usual from Tickhill Buttercross, 14 riders were ready for the ride at 8am. We took the normal route to Elsecar heritage centre but turning towards Thorpe Hesley /Grenoside at Wentworth, the hill at Grenoside was the first test for the rides, Phil stated he used to live on the hill and maybe this is the reason he moved. We continued to Outerbridge which was also the point where we watched the tour. We then approached the worst climb of the ride at High Bradfield, all riders successfully overcome the climb and we regrouped again at the top for the rolling route to Low Bradfield. We had a ten minute break at Low Bradfield due to Mick having a puncture. After more rolling roads we arrived at Haversage for a well deserved breakfast, this is were we met Matt & Sara. After the climb out of Haversage it was a nice rolling return via South Anston to Oldcotes where several pints were poured down the neck. Excellent ride (route attached below) and although difficult most said they enjoyed the pain.

Peaks ride

31st May: A dull windy and intermittent rain forced us to choose a route that we could easily head for home if it poured down. Luckily the rain missed us most of the time and it turned out an excellent ride for the eight riders. All enjoyed this ride and only one choice for rider of the week, our Captain Andy was in top form. Please note the ride next week is the peak district and we will meet at the “Buttercross” at Tickhill at 8am.

24th May: Only 4 riders made it out, Mick Wainwright , Dave Clarke , Pete Lees and John Owens. The rain came down so the ride soon became a shorter ride with no cafe stop. It was still enjoyed by all and Pete gave us a cup of tea at his house at the end.

17th May : Five riders rode 74 miles to a cafe stop on the Chesterfield Canal – Feedback from all this is a route Andy must show the club this route.

10th May : With the Majorca trip the numbers were obviously down , but 3 riders were out for the Whisby ride.


26th April: Record attendance 19 riders for the Sunday Ride. Some new faces for this year Greg & Jon Elliot made an appearance and young Ali also joined the group. We went to the alternative Askern cafe, the cafe staff got a bit of a shock when they had to make 19 breakfast snacks. The ride went ok except for 2 puntures, Lee was unfortunate to have both. The route and the weather was perfect and all enjoyed the day out. Please note the club meeting will be on 5th May at the early time of 18:30.

19th April : Paul Kirk North Lincs CycloSportive – Again an excellent attendance from HDCC to this excellent sportive (12 riders). All the concerns that were raised last year i.e queue for sign on, poor parking and poor refreshment stops were all addressed and I can not think of any changes to improve this ride. This will be a regular ride in our calendar in the future. The HDCC riders set off as a club and rode as a club for the full ride, we averaged over 19 mph to the first stop at the Walesby Caravan Park cafe (49 miles). We all had a high energy, low calorie breakfast, which was an excellent break to enable us to complete the ride. The second half seemed to have more hills than we remembered and nearly as windy. Phil dropped back a few times (first 100 mile ride – well done on his birthday), but being a club we supported each other to the finish. A nice pint was also a welcome treat at the finish line. The organisors of the event confirmed that the sportive raised approximately £4500 for the Lindsey Lodge Hospice and the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance. Photos for the day are on web site below

12th April – Record attendance today, 16 riders rode to Edwinstow visitor centre cafe. Excellent decision from the Captain (Andy) to go against the slight breeze on the way out since the wind increased dramatically and it blew us most of the return journey. Only one mechanical failure Mick’s gear cable snapped and he was forced to ride in big cog for the return to Harworth. Due to the extra work required Mick was awarded the rider of the week. Next week is the Brigg Lincs sportive, 11 riders taking part. HDCC riders not attending this sportive will meet at 8:30 am for normal

Sunday ride. 29th March – Two similar rides this week “Peak District” & “Cheshire Cat”.

Andy and Steve set off and met up with Matt Farmer and his brother at Hooton Roberts, they then headed out the same way as the HDCC club ride when we went to watch the Tour de France, Andy and Steve then descended into Oughtibridge and lost Matt and his brother, they had a puncture at the top but no way were Andy & Steve riding back up. Andy and Steve then rode up the next big hill towards High Bradfield and arranged to wait for Matt, after waiting for half an hour Matt phoned to say the tyre had gone down again and they’re heading back.
 Andy and Steve cracked on to Hathersage in very heavy rain and head winds – cafe was welcomed in Hathersage.
On the way back we had the wind behind us, the rain stopped and the sun came out briefly, just enough to dry us off before we got home.
They did 72 miles but 6300 ft of climbing. WELL DONE
The Cheshire Cat was a sportive that Mick twisted the arm of club members to do, never again. Riders for the event were Mick Wainwright, John Owens, Pete Lees, John Walker & Bob Clapperton
We met at Mick’s garage at 2pm Saturday and arrived at the Hotel  in Crewe at 4:30pm, the hotel was excellent and after a short spell in our rooms we were ready for a night on the town in Crewe. After over 1 hour walking around the town we did not find a decent pub or resturant, a tip is never to go to Crewe for a night out or romantic weekend. One pub even advertised a competion of “Over 80’s nude womens tramponline event”, Pete was striaght in their. We finally had a meal in Frankie and Bennys and then a few beers in local pubs (very rough). We set our clocks forward and after 6 hours kip we enjoyed a perfect breakfast in the hotel before riding to the start of the event 2 miles away. Even before we got to the start we were absolutely soaked with very heavy rain, this continued for the remainder of the ride and as the day progressed the wind also got worse. After 23 miles we were surprised when we hit the Mow Cop Killer Mile challenge. This climb has a number of steep sections, culminating in the 25% gradient near the top. Only two riders from our club achieved the hill without putting their foot down, well done Pete and Bob. The next big climb was the climb up Gun Hill which was a timed event. The feed station were excellent and also the route marking. We all agreed we would like to tackle this event in nicer weather. Overall climbing was 4300 feet, but the climbs were very steep. Below is photo at the finish..

22nd March – Best turn out so far this year, sixteen riders set off for Blyton (Pete’s favorite stop). We set off at a cracking pace and at Gainsborough we were averaging 18.7 MPH. The weather was perfect and the ride was enjoyed by all. Dave suffered a punture on the return jouney, but a swift stop and we were accelerating back on the road. All cycled well so it was impossible to nominate a rider of the week.

15th March – Excellent ride, eleven riders from HDCC took part in the Big Red Ride arranged by Mansfield Road Club. Rode together as a club and waited for riders that had not been out for a while. I will add the end of ride photo’s soon. No incidents to report – only John Owens needs to do a permanent repair to mudguard and select right gears on hills. Excellent club ride had my all. Picture below taken at finish 20150315_131731 8th March – Excellent turn out again , only a moderate wind today for the powerstation run with cafe stop at the Stables at Misterton. Eleven riders attended the Sunday ride and the pace was fairly quick with  a 18 mile per hour avarage. The cafe was full with riders from other clubs and discussions abot the future time trials took place. Looking forward to next week and the first sportive – Big Red Ride.

1st March – Again the wind was very strong as we set off against the wind towards Rother Valley. John Walker found the wind just too much and turned back towards Worksop from Clumber park. The remaining eleven riders continued against the head wind and finally arrived at Rother Valley at 11:30am. We voted on a short route back home which was a lot easier with the wind mainly behind us. Andy stated that the rider of the week was very close and gave the award to everyone but Pete.

22nd February – Eleven riders rode the “Tom Simpson” ride , a slight change to the normal route. As usual we tried to stay together but due to the high wind we split up after Hatfield Woodhouse. The road towards Bawtry was against the strong wind and all struggled. The pint was a welcome sight at the pavillion.

15th February – Nine riders out on slightly foggy start. Andy gave us a few options for the route and we decided on NewMillerdam, a longish ride with a few gradients. The sun shone and the fog lifted which made the ride very enjoyable for all. Phil struggled slightly on the hills on the return journey but he managed to complete the ride and was awarded rider of the week. Please note next week is the Tom Simpson ride and therefore a later start.

8th February – Eleven riders out on this pleasant morning with a fast pace to Messingham. Another new rider joined the club, welcome Andy Pedley from Retford. All riders rode well but again rider of the week was Alan Bullock. Please note our club secretary (Steve Parker) discussed a club meeting, this is planned for Tuesday 17th February at 19:30.

1st February – Nine riders ventured out on this windy day to Edwinstow Craft Centre Cafe. As usual an excellent cafe stop and a pleasant ride. Rider of the week was given to Ali.

25th January – Excellent turn out, 14 riders set out for Whisby nature reserve. This was an excellent ride with only a slight wind, welcome back Matt Farmer who was last out in August 2014. The rider of the week was Alan who rode at the front when the wind did decide to blew against us.

18th January – Due to icy conditions only 5 riders braved the conditions. They stayed on the mainroads to avoid the ice, unfortunately Dave Clarke still fell to the floor. Obviously coming from Harworth he just wiped himself down and carried on. The small group stopped at Misterton stables for a warm up.

11th January – Excellent turn out for this blustery day. Thirteen riders battled against the 17mph winds to Elsacar, Andy obviously thought that this was too easy, so he added extra hill climbs on the return journey. Rider of the week was given to Bob, nice to see two new riders joing the club. Please note that the start of the Sunday ride is 8:30am, Pete struggled to achieve this due to how far he lives from the Pavillion (400 yards).

4th Jan – Ice on the roads. Eight riders rode to the cafe at Edwinstow Craft Centre and after a warm up and a breakfast sandwich we diverted through Clumber Park and via Worksop back to the Harworth. All rode well especially Pete Lees who was awarded the rider of the week.

21st December – Ten riders started off from the pavillion heading for the lake side cafe at Askern. It was soon evident that the Captain “Andy Rodgers” was not 100% and he decided to divert at Hooton Pagnall and head for home. The remaining nine continued to Askern where Robin , Dave and a new recruit went striaght back. The remaining six riders went into the cafe where Mick told is heart attack story again!. After the cafe break we started the journey against the wind back to Harworth via Stainforth and Rossington. Pete was the rider of the day since with his chest infection he stated he should of been in hospital.

Sunday 14th December – Seven riders struggled against the wind to Messingham. Man sandwiches were required at the cafe stop to enable us to succeed against the wind on the home journey. Well done to Greg for achieving the journey after very few rides this year.

Sunday 7th December – Six Riders braved the wind and rain to Edwinstow, although on a short distance of 55 miles it seemed longer.

Sunday 30th November – Twelve members enjoyed the ride and the excellent weather and HDCC raised over £70 for the Peter Hinchcliffe charity ride. The route was fairly flatish but the slight wind made it hard work. A beer and the refreshments on the return to the Tickhill cricket ground went down well .

Sunday 23rd November – Slight rain made for a fairly short ride to Epworth via Wroot. Stopped at a cafe in Epworth centre, nice cafe a must for the shorter wet rides in the future.

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